BlackBerry 10 Business Mobiles

The BlackBerry 10 is a solid smartphone operating system and comes with top class features including first rate security, fast web browsing and great messaging hub. With BlackBerry 10 you can have access to the best business and productivity apps via BlackBerry World as well as the latest Android apps via the Amazon app store. BlackBerry 10 features Balance software to distinguish between personal and professional data. BlackBerry 10 smartphones include the Classic, the Leap and the BlackBerry Passport.

blackberry 10 business mobiles

The BlackBerry Classic comes with the fast BB10 web browser together with a great battery life, invaluable for business users. The device has a wide screen and QWERTY keyboard making it easy to use for emails and texts. BlackBerry Assistant is available to manage contacts and emails through both voice and text commands. There’s also BlackBerry Hub to manage calls and social media. Multi-tasking on the Classic is a breeze with texts, BBM and emails shown at the top of the screen so no need to swap between apps.

The BlackBerry Leap, built on the BlackBerry 10 OS is a touch smartphone with a 5 inch display and a massive 25 hours of battery life to keep you productive throughout the working day. The Leap features built in malware protection, back up, wipe and restore together with support for encryption for added security.

With a large wide touchscreen the BlackBerry Passport features a touch sensitive keyboard. With BlackBerry 10 OS, the Passport comes with features to keep you productive at all times whilst retaining ultimate security and privacy. Organise time and meetings with BlackBerry Calendar, add events and let people know you are running late.

As with other mobile operating systems, BlackBerry 10 offers support for Wi-Fi, NFC and supports multiple email addresses and social network accounts.

See how BlackBerry 10 features and apps work together seamlessly to deliver the ultimate user experience.

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