5 Ways Wearables may improve employee productivity by up to 10% 

According to The Human Cloud at Work (a recent study by Rackspace) employees wearing wearables became 8.5 percent more productive and 3.5 percent more satisfied with their jobs. With the success of iWatches, Fitbits and the plethora of wearable tech, the smartwatch is arguably the biggest trend since tablets, so it’s natural that employees and businesses will look to use these devices in the workplace.

Read on for 5 ways Wearables can improve productivity in your workplace.

1. Apps

Apps for wearables are being developed and fine tuned every day. More are emerging on the market promising to change the way we work and stimulate complex business processes.

Visual, goal and action orientated apps are promising to be valuable tools for business by boosting productivity on the go. Real time data collection and analysis apps are also proving to be an invaluable addition to the boardroom, whilst others are providing teams access to leverage business data without having to be tied to the office or their tablet and handsets.

2. Connect to The Cloud: Be present in the moment.

We’re all aware of the Mindfulness craze sweeping the workplace, promising a calmer and more productive team. The buzz is all about being more ‘present’ in the real world and taking time out of the digital demands.

Wearable tech will enable teams to be more connected to the digital world without the time consuming distraction of checking mobile devices and laptops. Glancing at a smartwatch allows sales reps, technicians and even management a discrete way of accessing critical information without being trapped into a loop of extended jobs.

history of the wearable

source: www.businessinsider.com

3. Improve health and fitness – Reduce healthcare costs.

Every working professional benefits from improved fitness, but it’s not just those tied to a desk who need motivation and support with their health care. Wearables are also promising to support those in industrial sectors who need real time data to on site workplaces, tracking heart rate, blood pressure and movements and set personal goals in even the most remote sites. Wearables even provide the tools to a more restful sleep and increased physical activity, which typically results in more energy and productivity for the team.

“Consider this win-win use of physiolytics: About 90% of companies now offer wellness programs, some of which encourage employees to use Fitbit and other devices that measure the quantity and intensity of their workouts and to employ simple visual and motivational tools to track their progress and help sustain their engagement.” (Harvard Business Review: Wearables in the Workplace, H. James Wilson)  At a time where healthcare insurance policies are a huge expenditures for businesses, wearables seem to be the way to go.

wearables in the workplace

4. Time management and Real Time data analysis

Wearables allow for consistent and efficient data collection and analaysis, with companies using aggregate data from wearables to provide insight for business and organisational improvement. One way in which this data can be used is to work out the time and motion required to perform a work task. This allows management to fine tune operations and thus save time and money by setting goals in a way which is achievable for their staff based on real time data. This real-time reporting of findings is also an important factor in improved productivity, cutting admin time needed to write a client report and freeing time for identifying likely trouble spots and implementing strategies.

5. Improved Motivation & Job Satisfaction 

Far from distracting us on the go, wearables are actually improving focus and concentration thanks to real time feedback that is easier to measure. We all know the satisfaction of ticking off our to do lists, many of the data analysis dashboards on wearable apps motivate action and reward goal achievement, thus sustaining that motivation toward improved productivity.

Add some wearables to your business mobile package and track the improved productivity today:

A study by Harris Poll outlined that workers around the world are ready to embrace wearable technology at work, with nearly three-quarters (73 per cent) of online adults seeing at least one potential workplace benefit. So get in touch with us today and let us add some wearable tech to your business mobile package.