Android for Business Mobiles

When looking for a Business mobile it is important to not only choose the best tariff for your company, but also to consider which OS will suit your business.

Android for business

Today we are taking a look at Android, and what it has to offer:

  1. Choice and flexibility

Unlike the iOS competitors, Android offers an undeniably wide breadth of choice for its users in both hardware and software, which in business is always a good thing.

When looking for an Android device, you aren’t limited to one size fits all handset or price bracket. Businesses can pick and choose handsets across the spectrum, from the high end Samsung Galaxy S6, to the slightly more affordable HTC Desire 820 , to the good valued Moto G 3rd Gen (4G LTE). All of these handsets will offer you reliable hardware, access to the Android marketplace, and the ability to personalise and modify your handset to suit your company’s needs.

2. Apps

Unlike the somewhat restrictive nature of the Apple Store, the Android Market is wide open for developers to create and upload whatever they feel consumers need. This leads to a wider variety of apps, providing a greater productivity for your business. Some examples include Square, which allows you to take credit card payments anywhere, and File Commander, a complete file manager that allows you to handle any file on your Android device via a clean and intuitive interface.

3. Adaptability

Google’s Android has always been an open platform OS system, which allows for a greater freedom for developing it. This adaptability often leads to a cost effectiveness that is appealing to many businesses. Android also aims to provide a superior multitasking opportunity, thanks to the wider range of apps and a customisable variety of ROMS and widgets, all of which can lead to greater productivity and efficiency within your business.

4. Security

As a result of the open nature of Android, Google have been forced to implement robust, multi-layered Android security features. Businesses can rest assured that the latest OS from Android use file system permissions and file system encryption to keep your files safe and block access to outsiders.  Android also includes Security-Enhanced Linux Enforcement, which enforced apps to abide by an acceptable level of security restrictions set by Google.

If you’re holding particularly important information and want added reassurance, there are an abundance of apps on the Google store which promise increased security, including Avast Antivirus & Security, a powerful antivirus app or the Norton Security & Antivirus all-in-one mobile security app with and virus protection for your smartphone or tablet.

Android handsets with added security include the BlackBerry Priv (see our blog on the Priv’s security features for Business) or the  Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, with  Samsung Knox Active Protection to keep personal and corporate data both separate and safe.

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